Monday, July 29, 2013


Mafair UMC - Kingsport FunFest 2013

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord - Mitch Davenport (0:20)
Save the People - Robert Feagins (4:22)
Day By Day - Leslie Tatum (17:05)
Learn Your Lessons - Nadine McMackin (32:01)
O Bless the Lord My Soul - Janet Lyon (36:05)
All For the Best - Robert Feagins, Phillip Stover (43:30)
All Good Gifts - Ken Alfrey (52:57)
Light of the World - Ken Alfrey, Mitch Davenport, Eric Rowe, Jeff Summar, Phillip Stover (1:03:52)

Turn Back, O Man - Lisa Summar (1:06:47)
Alas for You - Robert Feagins (1:16:29)
By My Side - Kimberly Wellman, Nadine McMackin, Kim Lane, Melissa Killebrew (1:23:26)
We Beseech Thee - Mitch Davenport, Eric Rowe, Jim Downs, Jeff Summar, Bo Tatum (1:30:09)
Willow Song - Nadine McMackin, Mellisa Killebrew, Kim Lane (1:37:39)
Finale - Robert Feagins (1:46:43)

Mitch Davenport - John the Baptist
Phillip Stover - Judas
Robert Feagins - Christ
Followers - Ken Alfrey, Jim Downs, Vickie Harris, Kim Lane, Melissa Killebrew, Nadine McMackin, Eric Rowe, Jeff Summar, Lisa Summar, Bo Tatum, Leslie Tatum, Danielle Treece, Kimberly Wellman

Anne Sorrell - keyboard
John Fleenor - guitar
John Seale - clarinet, recorder
Cheryl Miller - bass guitar
Gay Aycock - percussion

Directed by Janet Lyon