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Friday, March 15, 2013

Kingsport District and Giru UMC Partnership

Kingsport District/Giru UMC Partnership
Yei, South Sudan

Relationship - Maintain relationship with the people of Giru II community and Giru UMC by sending work teams and interpreting the opportunities to the Kingsport District to fulfill the partnership with Giru UMC. Create a relationship of support through prayer and acknowledgment that we all are members of the body of Christ and United through Christ.

Pastor Support - $1,200 a year. Provide full amount the first year and then begin reducing amount each year, with the plan being that Giru UMC would have responsibility for entire amount after five years.

Sanctuary - Construction of a sanctuary for worship, meeting and school. The estimated cost for completion is $25,000 and a donor has made this donation.

Parsonage - Construction of a parsonage for the Pastor, John Kenyi and his family. He has been moved to the Giru II community and a house is being rented for them to live currently. He will be more effective placed directly in the community where the church is and better able to serve and lead. The estimated cost is $15,000.

School Buildings - The school calls for two school blocks that are 7 meters by 24 meters and each block contain four classrooms. The cost per block is estimated at $40,000 for a total of $80,000 for the two blocks.

Training Resources and Teacher Support - $4,800 per year.

Village Health Committee - $2,000 per year. Village Health Committee is a group that will work with Diantha and UMCOR in health initiatives and traiinings.

Sponsorship of Orphans - Funds to insure that identified orphans in the Giru II community are able to attend school. $150 per child, amount to be determined.

Sustainability – Empowering the local people of the village to become sustainable through agriculture ($1,500 per year) and micro-financing business opportunities ($2,000 per year).