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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical
with lyrics by Tim Rice
directed by Janet Lyon
July 16-18, 2012
Mafair United Methodist Church
Kingsport Funfest

  • Prologue (0:10)
  • Any Dream Will Do (1:49)
  • Jacob and Sons (4:08)
  • Joseph's Coat (6:30)
  • Joseph's Dreams (10:40)
  • Poor, Poor Joseph (15:12)
  • One More Angel in Heaven (17:15)
  • Potiphar (24:00)
  • Close Every Door (29:50)
  • Go, Go, Go Joseph (34:39)
  • Pharaoh Story (41:12)
  • Poor, Poor Pharaoh (44:56)
  • Song of the King (46:57)
  • Pharaoh's Dreams Explained (50:43)
  • Stone the Crows (52:13)
  • Those Canaan Days (55:50)
  • The Brothers Come to Egypt (1:01:10)
  • Grovel, Grovel (1:03:10)
  • Who's the Thief! (1:05:12)
  • Benjamin Calypso (1:08:21)
  • Joseph All the Time (1:11:45)
  • Jacob in Egypt (1:13:00)
  • Finale: Any Dream Will Do / Give Me My Colored Coat (1:14:20)
  • Timestamps noted.  Use the time slider in the video window to skip to a desired scene.

Cast (in order of appearance)
  • Joseph - Matt Anthony
  • Narrator - Vickie Harris
  • Jacob - Pete Dykes
  • Brothers - Will Carver, Fred Colhoun, Jim Downs, Bob Feagins, David Koth, Winston Rawlston, Robert Reedy, Sean Reeves, Eric Rowe, Jeff Summar, Bo Tatum
  • Female Ensemble - Melissa Killebrew, Kim Lane, Nadine McMackin, Amanda McRoy, Lisa Summar
  • Rudy Vallee Singer - Pete Dykes
  • Potiphar - Mitch Davenport
  • Potiphar's Wife - Kimberly Wellman
  • Butler - Lynn Sorrell
  • Baker - Bob Feagins
  • Pharaoh - Ken Alfrey
  • Hairy Ishmaelites - Shane McMackin, Paul McRoy, Carlton Purvis
  • Band Members - Anne Sorrell (keyboard), Cheryl Miller (bass guitar), Jay Oberfeitinger (percussion)
  • Dancers - Ashleigh Caldwell, Jacquelyn Crawford, Ashley Miller, Whitney Welch, Gracie Blevins, Abby Bright, Katelyn Frazier, Cassidy Kern, Carson Lane, Kendall Miller, Jenna Murphy, Hannah Watson, Lauren Williams, Ben Blevins, Cody Powers, Jade Overton, Emma Kate Calvert, Hannah Elliott, Danielle Harrell, Samantha Hess, Taylor Hubbard, Cassie Rodgers, Taylor Smith

Behind the scenes
  • Sound Setup - David Koth
  • Sound and Lighting Techs - Robert Allen, Quinton Buchanan, Jim Knicely, Carlton Purvis, Shane McMackin, Michele McRoy, Lynn Sorrell
  • Prop and Set Carpenters - Joe Morton, Lanny Treece
  • Joseph's Seamstress - Narda Fairweather
  • Seamstress for the Female Ensemble - Rose Bayer
  • Backdrop Art - Abby Jantzi
  • Unique Props Acquisition - Victor and Jackie Dingus
  • Lighting Effects - Rob Kendrick of Music Doctors
  • Costume Items - Kingsport Action Rentals