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As we maintain physical distance from one another to inhibit the spread of the Coronavirus, Mafair UMC is committed to finding new ways to worship the Lord together and maintain community.

We have been holding Sunday Worship and daily Bible devotions on Facebook Live. If you don't use Facebook, or you'd prefer to avoid the hassle of finding the correct video, this will be a help to you.

Click here, and you'll find our current livestream (if there's an ongoing broadcast), or the most recent completed livestream. Blessings to you!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


REMINDER.... PLEASE SIGN UP TO BRING FOOD FOR THE MISSION TRIP (They leave next weekend!!) The sign-up sheets are on the bulletin board down the hall from the office.

Here's what's going on....
THURSDAY, May 24th
6:30 PM Wyld Life end-of-year cookout @ Mafair
6:30 PM Softball game (Eastman field #3)

FRIDAY, May 25th
5:30 PM Non-member wedding rehearsal

SATURDAY, May 26th
NOON Battle of the Bands @ The Fire Escape
6:30 PM Non-member wedding

SUNDAY, May 27th Pentecost (Please wear red today!)
9:15 AM Fellowship Time
9:45 AM Sunday School
10:45 AM Prayer
11 AM Worship (Rev. Spurgeon McCartt will preach)
Lay Lector: Robert Reedy
Acolytes: Erin Colhoun,Katelin Harmon
Children's Moments: Leslie Tatum
Children's Church: Lenore Colhoun, Jennifer McQueen
Nursery: (9:45) Tom & Jennifer Baker
(11:00) Gail Hunt, Suter Johnson
A-Team: Sarah Hall
Greeters: (9:30) Earl & Sue Newman
(10:45) Dollie Gray


Church office closed.

TUESDAY, May 29th
7:30 PM Softball game (Eastman field #2)

9:30 AM Quilters
5:15 PM First Place
6:30 PM Choir

THURSDAY, May 31st
10 AM- 12:30 PM Mafair at the Mill (Borden Park)
8:30 PM Softball game (Field #2)

FRIDAY, June 1st

SATURDAY, June 2nd
7:30 AM Men's Prayer Breakfast
7 PM These Hollow Screams and War of the Word @ The Fire Escape

SUNDAY, June 3rd
9:15 AM Fellowship Time
9:45 AM Sunday School
10:45 AM Prayer
11 AM Worship and Communion
3 PM District Youth Event @ Mafair
3 PM Mission Team departs
Lay Lector: Jill Davenport
Acolytes: Aaron Hiscutt, John Weatherall
Children's Moments: Jeff Weatherall
Ushers: George & Iva Jeter, James & Sheila Postell
Greeters: (9:30) Davenports
(10:45) Bayers
Nursery (9:30) Curtis Jantzi, Jackie Tranbarger
(11:00) Jennifer McQueen, Jackie Tranbarger
A-Team: Cindy Brumit

MONDAY, June 4th
8 AM Men @ Perkins
10 AM Fitness Class