Thursday, March 29, 2012


For March 29-April 4
Wyld Life is NOT meeting tonight

10 AM UMW officers meeting
1-2 PM Visitation for Art Countiss @ Mafair
2 PM Countiss Memorial Service

SATURDAY Have fun!

9:15 AM Fellowship
9:45 AM Sunday School
10:45 AM Prayer Time
11 AM Worship: It's Palm Sunday (Children get to wave palm branches.)
Holy Week begins!
4 PM Joseph rehearsal
6 PM Bod4God
Youth will NOT meet

Sunday volunteers:
Ushers: Doug & Sharon Alley, Bud & Linda Droke
Lay Lector: Victor Dingus
Acolytes: Katelin Harmon, Grace Wellman, John Weatherall
Children's Moments: Lenore Colhoun
Children's Church: Kimberly Wellman, Susan Hurst
Nursery: (9:45) Charlene Knicely, Gail Hunt
(11:00) Allison Cordell, Jackie Tranbarger
A-Team: Kimberly Wellman
Greeters: (9:30) Patsy Hauk
(10:45) Helen Estep

8AM Men @ Perkins
10 AM Fitness Class
6:30 PM Cub Scouts

5:30 PM Interfaith Hospitality Network
7 PM Boy Scouts

WEDNESDAY: Dinner and evening programs are cancelled
9:30 AM Quilters
10 AM Staff Meeting
5:30 PM Interfaith Hospitality Network
5:30 PM Bod4God
6 PM Choir
Lisa Allen
Mafair United Methodist Church