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As we maintain physical distance from one another to inhibit the spread of the Coronavirus, Mafair UMC is committed to finding new ways to worship the Lord together and maintain community.

We have been holding Sunday Worship and daily Bible devotions on Facebook Live. If you don't use Facebook, or you'd prefer to avoid the hassle of finding the correct video, this will be a help to you.

Click here, and you'll find our current livestream (if there's an ongoing broadcast), or the most recent completed livestream. Blessings to you!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


For March 16-21
4:30 PM Youth meet at church
5 PM Youth leave for Spring Retreat

7:30 AM Men's Prayer Breakfast
4 PM Piano Recital in sanctuary
7 PM Bands at the Fire Escape: "Shaken" and "Letters and Lies"

9:15 am Fellowship Time
9:45 am Sunday School
10:45 am Prayer Time
11:00 am Worship
1:30 pm Youth return from Spring Retreat
6:00 pm Bod4God
6:00 pm Long Range Facilities Plan meeting

Sunday Volunteers:
Lay lector: Paul McRoy
Acolytes: Aaron Hiscutt, Caden McNabb
Children's Moments: Kathy Bennett
Children's Church: Susan Hiscutt, Jeff Weatherall
Nursery: (9:45) Sarah Hall, Curtis Jantzi
(11:00) Denise Johnson, Jennifer McQueen
A-Team: Susan Hiscutt
Greeters: (9:30) Greg & Kimberly Wellman
(10:45) A.J. & Jennifer Rodriguez

MONDAY (Go Vols!)
8:00 am Men @ Perkins
10:00 am Fitness Class
6:30 pm Cub Scouts
7:00 pm Bright Circle
7:00 pm Trustees

10:00 am Lenten Bible Study
1:15 pm Hauk Circle
7:00 pm Staff Parish
7:00 pm Boy Scouts

9:30 am Quilters
10:00 am Staff Meeting
5:30 pm Dinner (Menu: Rotisserie chicken, chicken legs,
cornbread stuffing, gravy, green peas, fruit salad)
5:30 pm Bod4God
6:15 pm Kid's Choir
6:20 pm Youth
6:30 pm Classes
6:45 pm Kid's Club/Handbells
7:30 pm Choir
Lisa Allen
Mafair United Methodist Church