Friday, March 9, 2012


For March 10-14

REMEMBER TO TURN your clocks forward one hour tonight
9 AM-1 PM Cub Scout Pinewood Derby in Fellowship Hall
7 PM Bands @ the Fire Escape: War of the Word and The Art of Allure

9:15 AM Fellowship
9:45 AM Sunday School
10:45 AM Prayer Time
11 AM Worship
2:30 PM UMW Lenten Time Apart @ Glen Alpine
5:30 PM Youth Snack Supper @ Mafair
6 PM Bod4God

Sunday volunteers:
Lay Lector: Bob Feagins
Acolytes: Logan and Morgan Cordell
Children's Moments: Jeff Weatherall
Children's Church: Lenore Colhoun and Susie Weatherall
Nursery: (9:45) Jessica Rogers, Liz Yount
(11:00) Jim Downs, Susan Hurst
A-Team: Sarah Hall
Greeters: (9:30) Joe & Jean Morton
(10:45) Betty Collins, Joye Schierbaum

8AM Men @ Perkins
10 AM Fitness Class
6:30 PM Cub Scouts

10 AM Lenten Bible Study
11 AM Young at Heart
7 PM Boy Scouts

9:30 AM Quilters
10 AM Staff Meeting
10 AM Alfrey Circle, Schierbaum Circle
5:30 PM Dinner (Menu: Chopped Steak with onions, Mashed Potatoes, Lima
Beans, Garden Salad)
5:30 PM Bod4God
6:15 PM Kid's Choir
6:20 PM Youth
6:30 PM Classes
6:45 PM Kid's Club, Handbells
7:30 PM Choir

NOTICE: If you have borrowed the Sam's Club card, please return it to
the office.
Lisa Allen
Mafair United Methodist Church