Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mafair E-News

Wow! Here's an exciting week Feb. 9-15:
6-8:30 PM Mafair volunteers @ Lincoln's Cabin Fever event
7 PM Wyld Life @ Mafair

10 AM UMW Officers Meeting

9 AM-Noon Ministry Planning Meeting

9:15 AM Fellowship Time
9:45 AM Sunday School
10:45 AM Prayer Time (Everyone is invited to join us as we pray for
our worship service in the Billie Alley Room across from the office.)
Lay Lector: Robert Reedy
Acolytes: Logan and Morgan Cordell
Children's Moments: Suter Johnson
Children's Church: Tom & Jennifer Baker
Ushers: Jim Hurst, Tom & Michelle Hatley, Jim & Gail Hunt
Altar Guild: Betty Collins, Danny & Patty Owens
Nursery: (9:45) Allen Rogers, JoAnn Rotenberry
(11:00) Patricia Downs, Jessica Rogers
A-Team: Susan Hiscutt
Greeters: (9:30) Joe & Jean Morton
(10:45) Glen Jones

5:30 PM Youth Snack Supper/Bible Study @ the Rowe's house
6 PM Worship Committee in the Koinonia classroom
6 PM Long Range Facilities Planning Meeting
6 PM Bod4God

8 AM Men @ Perkins
10 AM Fitness for All Ages
6:30 PM Cub Scouts

Happy Valentine's Day!
7 PM Boy Scouts

WEDNESDAY (The BIG Day -- one of the biggest crowds ever will be at Mafair!!)
9:30 AM Quilters
10 AM Staff Meeting
5 PM Hot Dog Supper (Volunteers needed in the kitchen to help serve
and throughout the building to serve as greeters/hosts. Call the
church office if you can help, 378-9620)
6 PM Justin Lookadoo presentation -- will be streamed live on a big
screen in the Fellowship Hall for our overflow crowd!!
All regular adult and children's programming is cancelled.
Mafair members are asked to use the Lincoln parking lot across from
the main entrance to the school. This will allow our guests to use the
Mafair lot. A shuttle will be provided. Please do not use Mac's
Medicine Mart parking lot (side or back).

Lisa Allen
Mafair United Methodist Church