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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jamaica 4 Jesus

What is Jamaica 4 Jesus?

What is Jamaica 4 Jesus?

Rev. Stan Green felt the call of God to go to Jamaica many years ago and developed a ministry to the poorest of the poor–Jamaica 4 Jesus.  The ministry has involved many churches from across the United States performing hands-on ministries with the Jamaicans.  Bible schools, construction projects, medical teams, have all been a part of this ministry.

This year Mafair UMC will join with Pleasant View UMC and other churches in our area concentrating on a ministry in Kingston. “The Lord’s Place” a ministry led by Franciscan monks who operate a shelter for individuals from birth to senior adult. These persons are lonely, handicapped, and without the resources to live a healthy life.  Because we are taking a parish nurse with us we will concentrate primarily in this area.  Any additional medical people are welcome.

We will also be working with the children in Bible school type events as well as construction on 2 homes in the area.  So you can see there's something for everyone.  Please pray about your participation in this mission opportunity.  This is not limited to youth but anyone who feels the call of God to make a difference in the world in a real way is welcome.

Who can Go? You must be 16 years old.  You must have a servant's heart.  You must be a team player. You must be flexible. (Anytime we travel to  another country we will encounter cultural, religious, political,  differences that will make necessary our ability to adapt to their understandings and feelings.   So many times North Americans expect other cultures to adapt to them.  We are not just North Americans, we are Christians, we are Christian Methodist which means we are called to a higher standard than others.  We will represent Jesus and we want to represent Jesus well.)   You must be flexible!

Make sure you have a US Passport.  You have time to apply for a passport.  You need to move on this now!

What does it cost? At the current time the cost will be $1200. This will cover everything from flight to food.  This may need to be adjusted as the trip progresses but we feel confident that the cost will not be unreasonable.  Soon and very soon, we will need to have a deposit of $600.  You can make your check payable to Mafair UMC - Jamaica 4 Jesus.

When do we go?  June 13–22    A this time we will travel in caravan to Atlanta and fly from Atlanta to Jamaica.

Who is going from Mafair UMC?
Rev. Jim Goddard
Parish Nurse, Trish Downs
Annie Goddard (4th year)
Stephanie Brumit (2nd year)
Others  - as the Lord leads.

What will we be doing? We will be sharing the love of Jesus with the people of Jamaica through Bible school, personal health assistance, and construction.

Where will we be living? At this point we will be living at the monastery.

Health kits - We will be collecting medical supplies and personal health supplies to take with us to Jamaica.  These items are not available to the general public and Jamaica so we must take them with us each person is asked to bring 2 suitcases one for their own personal items and one for health kit items.

The church/friends/family need to begin collecting items for hygiene bags that will be handed out in the communities, orphanages and schools as we visit.  Items needed: lotions, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, ointments, deodorant, hair brushes, combs, hair bobs, socks, underwear (both children and adults), $$$$$ money for diapers (both adult and children’s), soaps, washcloths, shampoos, female products or any hygiene product that can be placed in a gallon zip lock bag.

We have a Jamaica Training Weekend. We will let you know when this is scheduled.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.

We are very excited about the possibility of partnering with other churches in developing this mission team to Jamaica.  Please pray about your involvement and seek God’s direction and how we can make a difference in the lives of the people of Jamaica.

This event will be life changing.  Ask God to open your eyes to prepare you for what He has in store.

Rev Jim Goddard 276-492-6112
Rev. Stan Green 276-628-2384,  276-608-8146

A word from Annie Goddard
I first made the decision to go to Jamaica when I was 13.  After arriving there, I felt kind of like a fish out of water. Everyone on my team was older and more experienced than me.  The first day there, I was pushed beyond my comfort zone when I was asked to wipe the faces of senior adults after they had had their meals.  At first I was very uneasy, but with each face I wiped I noticed it was easier to pick up that soapy rag again.  Going to Jamaica was a life changing experience for me.  As soon as I returned from that first trip, I knew I wanted to go back again.  The second time I went to Jamaica, I knew what to expect and I was ready for all those children to come running at me with wide smiles and open arms.  I couldn't wait for our leader, Stan, to push me past my comfort zone.  Some of my favorite memories from Jamaica all begin with Stan nudging me toward something I was not excited about doing. I love sitting down with a plate of food or a bottle and feeding the small children, when all they want is a loving pat on the shoulder and someone to talk to.  I love talking to a senior adult as I trim their fingernails, and I love giving them the love and attention they so seldom receive.  My heart definitely has a special place for Jamaica.  Going to Jamaica gives me the joy and happiness that nothing else could ever give me.  I cannot wait to return for my fourth time to see what God has in mind for me.