Friday, January 6, 2012

More E-News

SATURDAY, Jan. 7 --
10 AM Lots of help needed to take down Advent decorations. Come if you can!
SUNDAY, Jan. 8, volunteers:
Ushers: Jim Hurst, Brett Summar, Eldon Summar, Oscar Lindsey, Glen Jones
Lay Lector, Robert Reedy
Acolytes, Aaron Hiscutt and Grace Wellman
Children's Moments, Lenore Colhoun
Children's Church, Suter Johnson and Connie Smith
SS Nursery, Sarah Hall and Curtis Jantzi
Worship Nursery, Lisa Allen and Jennifer McQueen
THANK YOU! To all who helped with Interfaith Hospitality Network this week and for those who served at the Kitchen of Hope on New Year's Eve.
Saturday, Feb. 25, at Kitchen of Hope  (Call Lanny Treece, 239-9902)
Tuesday, April 3, and Wednesday, April 4 at Waverly Road Presbyterian for Interfaith (Call David Fairweather, 239-3687, or Sarah Hall, 239-3816)