Thursday, January 12, 2012


For Jan. 13-19 
3:30-4 PM Youth leave for Resurrection '12 in Gatlinburg (Brrrrrr...)
6 PM Emmaus group meets @ Mafair
7 PM Dance Night @ the Fire Escape
9:15 AM Fellowship Time
9:45 AM Sunday School
10:45 AM Prayer Time
11 AM Worship
1:30 PM Youth return from Resurrection
6:00 PM Worship Task Force meeting in Koinonia classroom
Sunday volunteers:
Lay Lector: Greg Wellman
Acolytes: Erin Colhoun, John Weatherall
Children's Moments: Lauren Summar
Children's Church:Jill Davenport, Susan Hiscutt
SS Nursery: Rose Bayer, Allen Rogers
Worship Nursery: Patricia Downs, Suter Johnson
Church office closed (Martin Luther King Day)
7 PM Trustees
7 PM Bright Circle
10 AM Why? Class
11 AM Young at Heart
1:15 PM Hauk Circle
7 PM Staff Parish
7 PM Boy Scouts
9:30 AM Quilters
10 AM Staff Meeting
5:30 PM Dinner (Menu: Pulled pork BBQ with sauce on the side, Cole Slaw, Baked Beans, Fruit salad)
6:15 PM Kids' Choir and Women's Study
6:20 PM Youth
6:30 PM Classes
6:45 PM Kids' Club and Handbells
7:30 PM Choir
9:30 AM Precept Bible Study