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Friday, December 16, 2011

More E-News

Below are some families who need help this Christmas with their listed needs. School gets out next Wednesday at 11:30 AM. Please help if you are able. You can bring items to the church office. Duplicating our efforts will be fine.
Family #1
Alex- Jeans/Pants 30 X 30
Shirts L
PC Games
Since he likes to keep his mind going, we are trying to find things to create. He loves anything on computers, the PS2 games.. flash drives, etc. SLIPPERS.
Haley-  She is now into small makeup, body sprays, games, she loves animals especially puppies and kittens (not real, of course).. SLIPPERS, hairbrush
HOUSE... Bowls, Houseware items, family games. bookshelf or something for Haleys books etc. FOOD! Pillows.
Haley was in the paper today, the little girl who got hit by the van :( She is home and doing okay.  
Family #2
Mom - med coat, shoes 6 1/2 (tennis shoes)
Kelsey - Justin Beber toys, chap stick, food snacks-granola bars for over Christmas break-she snacks a lot due to her meds and is still skinny!
Family #3
Just got 2 beds - one full-size (girls) and a queen-size (boy) so the family could use help with sheets and pillows please. They don't have to be new, just in nice condition :), snack foods for over Christmas break-mac and cheese, cereal-things the kids can make safely