Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mafair E-News

Here's what's happening (28th-2nd)!

FRIDAY -- 7 PM Disney Costume Party @ the Fire Escape Christian Teen Club, cost $10 includes food

SATURDAY -- 7 PM "A Night of Notes and Jokes" with comedian Spank-e, band Atoned as well as DA Prince @ the Fire Escape Christian Teen Club, cost $10

SUNDAY -- 9:15 AM Fellowship Time
9:45 AM Sunday School
10:45 AM Prayer Time in the Billie Alley Room. Open to everyone.
11 AM Worship; Message from Kim:

Consecration Sunday, October 30
Our churchwide emphasis Enough: Discovering Joy Through Simplicity and Generosity is nearing its conclusion. Last week, we talked about "Cultivating Contentment." In our small group and our corporate worship, we addressed head-on our human tendency to accumulate possessions and wealth, and we thought about how to consciously change our ways. If you were unable to be with us, check out the sermon message on our website, Also, be sure to ask for your contentment prayer card, which was distributed to the congregation.
This Sunday brings our final topic in the series: "Defined by Generosity." What defines your life? Is it wealth? Belongings? Faith? Many of us live with a scarcity mentality, worried that we must gather and hoard as much as possible, saving for some imagined "rainy day." Or we focus on self-gratification. But the Bible promises both God's blessings and joy for those who choose to live another way. During the service we will take action to change our lives by setting five specific personal goals to work toward over the next year.
This week you will be receiving an estimate of giving or commitment card in the mail. On a practical level, we ask our members to turn in estimate of giving cards each year so that our Finance Committee is able to set an accurate ministry budget for the coming year. This allows us to make the most of every dollar given to the church. On a personal level, the commitment card is an opportunity for you to spend time in prayer and reflection, considering what offering you would make to God through our church in the coming year. Please be watching for the mailing. Then fill out the card and bring it with you to worship this week for Consecration Sunday October 30. I hope you will be able to join us for this meaningful service as we celebrate and consecrate our gifts to the ministry of our church for the coming year.

5:30 Youth Bonfire @ the Rowe's
Our Sunday volunteers:
Sunday School greeters, Ken & Doris Alfrey
Worship greeter, Susan Hurst
Sunday School nursery, Lenore Colhoun, Kim Lane
Worship nursery, Jim Downs, Susan Hurst
A-Team, Sarah Hall
Lector, Jim Goddard
Acolytes, Erin Colhoun, Kaylee Dunham
Children's Moments, Cheryl Miller
Children's Church, Helen Alley, Tara Bunch

MONDAY -- 8 AM Men's Accountability and Bible Study Breakfast @ Perkins
10 AM Fitness Class

TUESDAY -- 6 PM Growing Team
7 PM Boy Scouts

WEDNESDAY -- 9:30 AM Quilters
10 AM Staff Meeting
5:30 PM Fellowship Dinner (Menu: Lasagna with meat sauce, large garden salad, green beans) Host: Agape Class
6:15 PM Catch Class, Kid's Choir, Women's Study
6:20 PM Youth
6:30 PM Classes
6:45 PM Kid's Club, Handbells
7:30 PM Choir