Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mafair E-News

Here's what's going on:
SATURDAY -- 7 PM My Heart Remains @ the Fire Escape Christian Teen Club
SUNDAY -- 9:15 AM Fellowship Time; 9:45 AM Sunday School
11 AM Worship; 5:30 PM Snack Supper; 6 PM Youth & Confirmation Class; 7 PM Holy Land presentation
Our volunteers are:
Sunday School Greeters: Winston & Susan Rawlston
Worship Greeters: need volunteers
Sunday School Nursery: Rose Bayer, Kim Goddard
Worship Nursery: Rose Bayer, Patricia Downs
Acolytes: Kaylee Dunham, Grace Wellman
Lay Lector: Luke Bell
Children's Moments: Larry Smith
Children's Church: Suter Johnson, Jennifer McQueen
MONDAY -- 7:30 AM I've been told the construction work on the downstairs' restrooms will definitely begin today. Please use caution in that area.
10 AM Fitness class
6:30 PM Cub Scouts 
TUESDAY  -- 7 PM Boy Scouts
WEDNESDAY -- 5:30 PM Dinner (Menu: Baked Spaghetti, Large Garden Salad) Be sure to make your reservation!
6 PM CATCH Class
6:15 PM Kid's Choir, Women's Study
6:20 PM Youth
6:30 PM Classes
6:45 PM Kid's Club, Handbells
7:30 PM Choir