Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mafair E-News

FRIDAY -- Church office will close at 11 AM
SATURDAY -- 7 PM Shaken and My Hearts Cry @ the Fire Escape
SUNDAY -- 9:15 AM Fellowship Time; 9:45 AM Sunday School; 11 AM Worship
Our volunteers:
Sunday School greeters: Charlie & Nelle Sipe;
Worship greeters: Shane & Nadine McMackin;
Sunday School nursery: Sarah Hall, Curtis Jantzi;
Worship nursery: Allison Cordell, Denise Johnson;
Lay Lector: Winston Rawlston;
Acolytes: Abby Lindsey, Morgan Cordell;
Children's Moments: Suter Johnson;
Children's Church: Helen Alley, Tara Bunch
5:30 PM Youth Snack Supper
6-7 PM Youth/Confirmation Class
7 PM Holy Land presentation
MONDAY -- 10 AM Fitness class; 2 PM -- Deadline for dinner reservations; 3 PM Keller celebration at Wexford House; 6:30 PM Cub Scouts; 7 PM Bright Circle; 7 PM Trustees
TUESDAY -- 1:15 PM Hauk Circle; 7 PM Staff Parish; 7 PM Boy Scouts

    9:30 am      Quilters

  10:00 am      Staff meeting

    5:30 pm      Dinner Menu: 6 oz. Sirloin, Baked Potato, Broccoli/cheese sauce

    6:00 pm      CATCH Class

    6:15 pm      Kid's Choir and Women's Study

    6:20 pm      Youth

    6:30 pm      Adult Classes

    6:45 pm      Kid's Club

    6:45 pm      Handbells

    7:30 pm      Chancel Choir practice


ATTACHED are two additional responses to our Sept. 11, 2001, remembrances. Thought you would enjoy reading them as well as those that appeared in Sunday's booklet.