Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mafair News

We've served up hot dogs and Cotton Patch for two nights so far! Last chance is tonight. Tickets are all taken; however, we're gonna try to seat everybody with or without a ticket.
-- been too hot for the outside craft so the numbers have been low there;
-- have had leftover hot dogs each night;
-- a few back row seats available during each performance (even though LARGE crowds)

5 PM Band Scramble;
5:30 PM Children's craft;
6 PM Hot dog supper;
7 PM Cotton Patch Gospel

7:30 AM Mission trip to Greene County -- let Eric know if you can come (239-9909);
UMW School of Christian Mission begins at Col. Hgts. UMC

School of Christian Mission continues

9:15 AM Fellowship Time;
9:45 AM Sunday School;
9:45 AM Acolyte training (for all those in 3rd-5th grades who want to acolyte);
11 AM Worship

10 AM Fitness for all Ages;
7 PM Staff Parish

6 PM Church Leadership Council

6:30 PM Youth Girls' Bible Study;
6:30 PM Choir