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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mafair’s Response to the VA Tech Shootings - “Love Lives On”

In response to the recent tragic shootings at Virginia Tech, Ken Alfrey performed an encouraging song entitled Love Lives On.  Thanks to Ken and our sound man, David Koth, we have the song available on the website.  Please pass the word around, and be encouraged once again by Ken's music.  The lyrics are posted below.

Love Lives On

Life was ordinary 'til you came my way
You made an impact from the very start
I wanted to be with you every night and day
You totally, completely won my heart
Love came down, spreading happiness all around
I never knew that life could be so good 'til love came down

You grew and changed so fast I really was amazed
You didn't stay a child for very long
You learned to do so many things in your own way
I really liked the way you sang a song
Love grew up, and every day it would fill my cup
And I was just as proud as I could be when love grew up

You left home with dreams that never were fulfilled
'Cause you were taken from us in your prime
Those who loved you felt their world was standing still
It left a void in each and every life
Love was gone, I didn't think I could carry on
My life was filled with grief and misery 'cause love was gone

Now I cherish memories of days gone by
And look for strength in faith that we both shared
When I'm sad I feel your spirit drawing nigh
Reminding me that God is always there
Love lives on, it gives me hope to keep going on
Now I'm trusting in the promise Jesus made
That we'll all be together some sweet day
And I'll hear your song and see your smiling face, 'cause love lives on

Written by Ken Alfrey in memory of Vanessa Free
Copyright 2003

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